Ruba + Michael’s Surprise Engagement Photos | Old New Castle, Delaware | Portraits

There are certain places that are just special. Historic Old New Castle in Delaware is one of those places. In February of 2021 it became a tiny bit more special and I had the honor of being there to freeze it in place for Ruba and Michael. So, get ready to be wow’ed by these surprise engagement photos! 

This area is gorgeous at any season and is one of my favorite places to photograph! (Surprise engagement photos or otherwise.)

It is such a lovely area that’s rich in history. The cobblestone streets, the buildings from the 1600s and 1700s, and old cemeteries containing history underground. I believe being around such timeless beauty really inspires the romantic in us all.

When Michael first contacted me with his plan to surprise Ruba with a proposal and photoshoot I was almost as excited as he was!

He planned a beautiful day for Ruba and when the moment came for him to propose to her I was hiding nearby ready to capture the moment! And she said YES! So we celebrated by taking some portraits of the big moment. They were all smiles and I have to say they were true champs enduring the cold and snow! They weren’t even phased by it, they were just happy to be together.

Now, if you are thinking of planning a surprise proposal to your other half and wanted to have a photographer document it, I have a couple suggestions for you!

Make sure to plan the day with your significant other in mind! I know this may seem obvious but sometimes the nerves of the moment and the logistics of planning the occasion can be overwhelming to figure out! And when this happens, it’s easy to forget to keep them in mind!

Keep in mind the time of day and the timing you want for the proposal and portraits. The time of day will influence the lighting and you want to make sure that your portraits have the best possible lighting! So when planning the moment be sure to factor in the time the sun goes down and the lighting of the location you picked.

Location is also a big factor! Pick a spot that you both love. Also a place where your photographer will have options for hiding spots if you want them to be hiding!

The biggest suggestion I can give is, after you decide on the details of it, communicate everything to your photographer so you can both be clear on the timing! And my last piece of advice is to have fun with it! It’s a big moment and should be celebrated! 

Happy planning my friends!

Check out these beautiful winter wonderland surprise engagement portraits below! And for more portrait sessions check out more here!

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