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Your antidote to time-consuming, mediocre content creation

Yes, there’s actually a photographer/videographer for this… Hi!

content creation day for Brice and Wen Present
content creation day for Brice and Wen Present
content creation day for Brice and Wen Present
content creation photo session with Kyle
Content Portrait Day with Deepti

Content creation feels like a chore?

Making a living online should never cost you your peace or time

The question isn’t CAN you make content, but if you should HAVE to do it all the time. You’re an influencer, brand, or business who doesn’t necessarily want a social media teacher, but you want someone to give you your freedom back. That’s where I step in!

When done right, content creation isn’t just about selling and posting just to post. It’s about showing off your voice, building your community and making a living.

Imagine how your life would change if…


Someone else plans + executes your content


You post profitable photos and videos


Creating content doesn't feel like pulling teeth


A month's worth of content gets done in 1 day


You have more time to do the things that matter

Ready to create content *so good* that people literally can’t resist?

Posting photos and videos for a living should be money-making NOT energy-draining.

That’s why I tapped into an industry nearly untouched: I create remarkable, visually stunning media with AND for you.

What makes our process so transformative? When you combine my extensive background in media psychology, my superpower of making genuine connections, and my love for travel: I know exactly how to help you differentiate yourself online. When you have someone like me who knows WHAT to create and HOW to create it, the weight just comes right off your shoulders.

Content days are my in demand, signature offer, and for a damn good reason.

No more making your friend retake that photo a million times or you running back and forth to reshoot that video again and again and again and aga-

“There are so many people in this business anymore that do it for the quick cash or because they think it’s an easy side gig. Liz has got that spark and you can tell she truly loves what she does. You can buy the most expensive equipment on the market, but you can’t buy that. If you’re on the fence about spending a little extra cash for a quality photographer, I’m here to tell you DO IT. It is worth every single penny.”

– Katie

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Liz on multiple occasions, and each time has been an absolute delight! From the very first session to the most recent, Liz has consistently surpassed my expectations, making the entire experience truly memorable. What sets Liz apart is her ability to make each session a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I look forward to many more in the future and can confidently say that Liz is a true artist in her craft.”

– Megan

I’m not called your travel-sized photographer turned bestie for nothing!

While others might say they like to travel, I actually do it.

The universal truth: Majority of my clients are scattered across the United States. I spend most days in airports and most nights in hotel rooms for content creation. That’s what makes ALL the difference between me and your photographer or videographer next door. There’s a reason why my clients make the effort to have me travel to them rather than using their local resources.

I’m Delaware based, NOT bound.

My calling is to be picked up and placed wherever you are. I’m known for building trusting relationships with my clients. I don’t just learn the ins and outs of your content, but you as a person. What’s left at the end of our sessions is mutual respect and friendship, always.

You can’t find this just anywhere. This goes beyond me having a job creating your content, it’s my life’s calling.

Step 1: Inquire

 First you fill out our contact form and then we get to know one another! Together we design the perfect content day from setting, date, and time. Let’s get you officially booked!

Step 2: deep dive

We study your social media and do extensive market research. From there, we combine your needs with our knowledge of SEO and psychology to create easy to digest, trendy content.

Step 3: content

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Depending on your package type, we take some time out of your day to capture you. We do all the heavy lifting for creating content so you can enjoy.

Step 4: Streamline

It’s time for me to edit! I’ll deliver your photos and videos without you lifting a finger so you can map out your posting schedule. The whole process is streamlined perfectly just for YOU.

Our personality-packed content that pours jet fuel on your social media:


Our clean, timeless editing fits effortlessly into most feeds and aesthetics. We produce high quality portraits that not only levels up your online presence, but let’s brands/clients envision what it would be like to work with you.

Reels & TikToks

With both professional and iPhone videos, we make Reels and TikToks that never go out of style. The best part? You become SO much more attractive to future brand deals and clients.

Branded ads

If you would like to work with a brand again AND be attractive to future brands, we make your ads bingeable and easy to digest. We know exactly how to boost your engagement and make your content irresistable.

that’s right, social media just got a whole lot easier (& way more fun) with our signature content days!

Standard $175

By the project

Need me just for a single project? Maybe only a handful of Reels or photos? Then this is the package for you!

Between 1 to 14 pieces of content

1 photoshoot or 1 video = 1 piece of content

$175 per piece of content


Premium $150

Full content day

Our most popular option! Get 15 pieces of content done in one day so you have content for a month or even two.

15 pieces of content

One day of shooting, Content will last between one to two months

$150 per piece of content, $2250

1 photoshoot or 1 video = 1 piece of content


VIP $100

Loyalty program

Love your results with us? We get it – Looking to book every month or bimonthly? You deserve all these benefits, bestie!

15 pieces of content

For repeat clients only!

One day of shooting, Content will last between one to two months

$100 per piece of content, $1500

1 photoshoot or 1 video = 1 piece of content


You asked, we got answers!

How do I know which package to choose?

We have 3 packages to choose from!

  • Standard: This is for influencers, brands, or businesses that only need me for 1 to 14 pieces of content. Content includes photo concepts and video! Perfect if you just need a handful of content, don’t have a whole day to dedicate to filming/photographing, or do not do social media full time. If you’re looking to just dip your toes in, this is the package for you.
  • Premium: My most popular option! This is our famous content day. This includes 15 pieces of content, and again content includes photo concepts and videos. This is perfect for influencers, brands, or businesses who do social media full time for a living. The content we do in a day can be used to post between 1 to 2 months! Depending how often you use them.
  • VIP: This is for repeat clients who want to be part of my loyalty program! If you’ve worked with me at least once, you qualify! This is exactly the Premium Package but with a discount. If you’re serious about social media and love the relationship we’ve created together, this is for you!
What is the average investment?

My average client invests between $1,500 to $3,000.

This all depends on which package you choose and where we work!

Majority of my clients do not live in the northeast, so our travel costs will include my mode of transportation and accommodations. This can vary depending on the time of year and current travel conditions. You will recieve a detailed price breakdown when inquiring so you know exactly where you investment is going!

What does the return on investment look like?

My favorite question! Investing in content creation may seem daunting at first, but you shouldn’t worry if this is your full time gig!

What you invest in high quality photos and videos, it will come back in future brand deals, engagement, and paying results. I work hard so the investment you put into me, comes back bigger.

However, my favorite return on investment you get is your time, freedom, and mental space back!

You’re not here to lose money, friend. I got your back!

Do I have to know how to shoot/edit/film?


No matter your skill level or education in photo, video, editing, social media, etc – I’m your gal!

I push the record button so you don’t have to run back and forth. I help give you direction so you don’t have to know what looks good. I take control so you can finally have fun and showcase who you are for once! What once felt like a chore will suddenly feel like a fun spark was finally ignited in your content 🙂

What does a typical content day look like?

I’ll come in with all that we discussed and our shooting plan. We’ll go piece by piece, hour by hour, taking breaks as needed. After we get one photo set or video done, it’s time to get changed and get set up in the next area.

On average, each hour we can cover about 2 pieces of content. All you need to have ready beforehand is an outfit for each piece of content!

How do I know if content creation is for me?

Content creation is for:

  • Full time influencers, brands, businesses
  • People who are serious about social media for a living
  • Tired of spending way too much time trying to take photos and edit videos
  • Need help marketing themselves on digital platforms
  • Want to become more attractive to future brands and clients

Content creation is NOT for:

  • Individuals who don’t do social media part or full time
  • Those who are not prepared for a couple hundred dollar investment

Brands I’ve Worked With:

Amazon Fire TV, Stanley Tumbler, Chrysler, FabFitFun, Dove, Ford, Tazo Tea, Mattress Firm, Mott’s, Kevin’s Food, Holiday Inn, Bondi Boost, Reign, Chili’s, BIC, Country Crock, Denny’s, G&E, BlendJet, Mixtiles, Revolve, The Farmer’s Dog, StitchFix, Plum Beauty, Thorne, 1800 Flowers, MVMT, One Skin, Chomps, Lunya, PlusOne, MXD, Eufy, ThirdLove, Amazing Grass & much more!

As seen in:

About Liz

When you invest in content, it shows.

Social media has been our bread and butter since middle school where I would spend countless hours perfecting my Myspace page on my 2007 Dell Laptop.

The power the internet wields is not lost on me, so I have spent years educating myself on the ins and outs. I’ve worked with countless influencers, brands, and businesses over the past 6 years of my business.

With my degree in Communications and my transformative background in media psychology, I’ve mastered how to create buzz-worthy, trendy content that stands the test of time. I know how to do it all (with ease might I add) so YOU don’t have to.

I’m unique in the way that I’m not tied down to one spot, I travel ALL over the world to create content for influencers, brands, and businesses like yourself.

Find out why my clients come back again and again with return on their investment!

“LIZ IS AMAZING! She brought my vision to life and I couldn’t be happier with how It all turned out! I always felt a little silly when getting photos taken but Liz helped me feel so comfortable and confident. She gave me the space to have fun and be myself while capturing the perfect shot. I will be using Liz again (and again and again)!”

– Marissa

“Her friendly and professional demeanor creates a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for genuine moments to unfold naturally. Take it from a camera-shy introvert! She makes the whole session feel like a creative partnership rather than a mere photoshoot. She consistently goes above and beyond to accommodate my vision and preferences. Her talent and expert guidance have resulted in a collection of photos that truly reflect my personality and the essence of the moment.

I wholeheartedly recommend Liz to anyone seeking a talented and personable photographer. Her ability to capture the beauty of each moment is truly unparalleled, and I am grateful for the stunning memories she has helped create.”

– Megan

“I am sitting in my kitchen, over an iced coffee, screaming, dancing, jumping, and CRYING. You captured me so beautifully, and I don’t say that lightly. I hate seeing photos of myself, but you, YOU made me feel like a queen, like a badass, like pure beauty, and these images show all of that. You are so talented, and I couldn’t love these more. Thank you for making this fun and easy, for making me feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.

– Kaylee