Disneyland Paris Intinerary:

 Two Parks, One Day!

My trip to Disneyland Paris was in one word: MAGICAL! I’ve been to Disney in California and Florida, but this park is just so beautifully made it blew my mind.


I only had one day to spend at both Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Park, so here’s how I made the most of my stay as a childless millennial!

Hotel: Davy Crockett Ranch


We opted to stay at a Disney hotel to take advantage of extra magic hours! If you stay on property, you get to enjoy the parks a whole hour before they open! If you only have one day to enjoy Disneyland Paris, take advantage of this!

This “hotel” is actually glamping. It was so cute and nicely themed, but I recommend staying here if you have a car. We didn’t and had to walk FOREVER to get place to place. Check out our stay HERE!


First Stop: Walt Disney Studios Park


I knew with only one day to explore two parks, that I had to be strategic!

I decided to start my day with those extra magic hours at Walt Disney Studios. For those unfamiliar with the Paris parks, it can be compared to Hollywood Studios in Florida or even California Adventure in California.

There are two rides that only exist here and not at ANY of the other parks around the world that I knew I wanted to ride: Crush’s Coaster and Ratatouille: The Adventure!


First thing I got on was Crush’s Coaster, it always has the longest wait time. I opted to go in single rider to make the wait go by faster, but I still had to wait around 30 minutes to get on. BUT, it was seriously SUCH A GREAT RIDE! Hands down my favorite out of all of Disneyland Paris. Really wish we had it in the states!

After that, I only had about 15 minutes left of extra magic hours. So I hopped in the next longest line, the Toy Solider Drop. We waited about 25 minutes for this, so by the time we were finished, people started to flood in.

Walt Disney Studios Park Itinerary


Here’s the order of rides I road before heading over to Disneyland Paris!

– Crush’s Coaster

– Toy Solider Drop

– RC Racer

– Ratatouille

– Rock n Roller Coaster

– Studio Tour


Next Stop: Disneyland paris!


OKAY this is what dreams are made of! This park literally took my breath away with it’s beauty, not to mention it’s probably my favorite castle design!

It was almost afternoon by the time I made it to this park. I was excited to see all the fun things, so we started out with Phantom Manor. My parent’s and I are big fans of the Haunted Mansion, so of course this Parisian twist had to be our first ride to try!

We spent most of our time exploring, eating, and checking the wait times for rides. Be sure to take advantage of fast passes, but be warned that the process is different than the one in Florida!



Some of my favorite things about this park?

WELL, I’m head over heels about the dragon hidden under the castle! Such a unique piece that sets this park apart from all the other ones. It moves, roars, and blows smoke – just amazing!

I also have to note how amazing it is to visit the top of the castle! It gives the story of Sleeping Beauty through stained glass windows and movie props. Seriously a must do! I went up there during sunset and got to see the beautiful colors streaming in from the windows!


Disneyland Paris Itinerary


Here’s the order of rides I road before heading over to Disneyland Paris!

– Phantom Manor x2

– Big Thunder Mountain x2

– Hyperspace Mountain

– Star Tours

– It’s A Small World


I will never forget my first trip to Disneyland Paris! It was my first time in Europe too, and everything about it was so captivating. I really can’t wait to go back and explore some more, hopefully in more than one day!

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