What I Wore to Disney World:

 Disney World Outfits

After getting back from my October / Halloween Disney World trip, a bunch of people complimented what I was wearing! Organizing my Disney outfits is something I’m pretty serious about, so I love seeing so many people appreciate it!


I decided to show all my outfits and where I got everything from. If you’re interested or want some Disney outfit inspiration and ideas, keep scrolling!



One of my favorite walls in Epcot is the Nemo Wall. I wanted to go with a blue theme so here is what I came up with!

I was feeling super inspired by the movie Clueless and the 90s in general. I used one of my favorite summer blue Minnie tank top and put it over a white crop top. I completed the look with my heart belt, ripped jeans, and my black and white Nikes!

I decided not to wear ears this day, and opted for my blue Monsters University cap instead. And to seal the whole look together: a bold red lip.






Magic Kingdom makes me feel like a kid again, and everything about it is magical.

I went with my boyfriend and our two friends for this trip, and on this day George and I payed homage to a classic: Dumbo!

A few days before going, we had no idea what to wear for this park. BUT randomly in FYE, they had these cute Dumbo shirts, and BOOM this idea was born. I gotta admit, it’s pretty cute and it matches so well. Plus this day is when I finally broke out my ears! I also learned pretty quickly to never wear sandals to Disney again lol.


DAY 2: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


FINALLY! The main reason why we did this October trip! We all have never been to Disney during Halloween, so this was a big deal.

For our costumes, we were the Scooby Doo gang! George was Fred, I was Daphne, Sydney was Velma, and Donny was Shaggy.

Everyone LOVED our costumes! I was worried no one would understand who we were without Scooby Doo. We were all sweating by the end of the night, but it was totally worth it.




DAY 3: Hollywood Studios


Who’s ready for some thrill?

Hollywood Studios is so much fun because of the rides and the theming! I really wanted to be colorful for this park, so I revolved everything around my bright yellow mickey top!

I also bought myself some Slinky Dog Ears that day, and let me tell you something: BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER.


DAY 4: Animal Kingdom


Okay, this might be my favorite outfit yet!!!

I took the term Animal Kingdom literally, and wore this adorable cheetah dress from Chicka and Co! I matched the park perfectly, and when paired with my Slinky Dog ears, I got so many compliments.

I didn’t get many pictures this day, but I promise it was a ton of fun, and I totally loved what I was wearing. If you want to buy anything $30+ from Chicka and Co, use code LIZ for 10% your order PLUS FREE SHIPPING! ENJOY!


DAY 5: Disney’s All Star Movies Resort


Can’t forget what I wore around our adorable hotel!

This place is so amazing and Instagram-worthy, so of course we played around and snagged some cute pictures. I showed off my Halloween excitment with my Hallowqueen shirt and froliced all around the resort lol.




When it comes to my Disney outfits, I go on a hunt lol! I usually take the theming literally, let a character/movie influence my outfit, or take some ideas from walls or popular colors in a park! Put your own spin on things and get excited. If you’re going with a friend or significant other, it’s even more fun trying to match and flow well with them. Have a great time on your next vacation!!!