Vision Sessions

turning creative visions into virtual greatness

Are you finally ready for real growth?

Listen, I have been exactly where you are now. I have felt SO alone and completely in the dark when it came to understanding social media managing and branding my own business.

You have come to the right place if you have ever wondered:

– “What am I doing wrong on IG? I work hard and put in so much time, but it just doesn’t work!”

– “Why is my content always met with crickets?”

– “How can I even find my ideal clients?”

– “Is my brand and logo good enough?”

– “Why am I not getting any clients? I’m working hard and I’m completely burnt out.”

Lets Have Coffee!

Managing your social media can be confusing. Branding can be tough. I’ll admit it.

After YEARS of trial and error, countless hours of education and training, I want to help determined entrepreneurs and influencers successfully grow their businesses too.

I’m here to help take away some stress, be a great support system, and get you on your way to building a business that you not only love, but a business that has the right tools for growth.


Well, your brand is the face of your business. It’s what your potential clients will see to help them decide if they want to work with you. That, with a strategic social media presence, you will attract your DREAM clients and increase your income.

So let’s get to the fun part! The meeting…


so Picture THIS:

✓ Having followers who actually ENGAGE with what you post, and buy what you’re selling…

✓  Only working from IG for 10 minutes a day, no more burnout…

✓  Not having to beg people to buy from you…

✓ Creating a brand that captivates with content to match… 

✓  Dominating the algorithm like you’re a pro…

✓ Feeling empowered by me & your new found community…

✓ Knowing the latest ins & outs and secrets of Instagram, so you can manage your social media LIKE THE BOSS YOU ARE!


Almost  Sold?

Wait until you hear about the meeting.


  • We will meet and have coffee (on me!) and put everything on the table in a relaxed, and comfortable setting. No need to be nervous, we’re friends! I’m not here to point out any “flaws,” I’m here to spotlight your potential. Think of it as a fun sleepover with your friend. But at a Dover coffee shop. In the day time. With all my bad jokes…


  • You can ask me ALL your branding and social media questions. I usually end up answering your questions before you even have a chance to ask! You can even bounce your business ideas off of me: I would LOVE to be your consumer point of view! Let’s create a no-brainer offer your followers won’t be able to resist.


  • I will teach everything I have learned about branding in college (types, colors, psychology, all that jazz), and how important it all is for growing your business. (It won’t just blow your mind on how much there is to know, it will also be your first step towards more authentic growth!).


  • I’ll also be letting you in on ALL THE LATEST SECRETS for IG growth. These are the hidden things I’ve never posted on my free IG tips. You’ll notice major growth and clarity once you learn and follow these steps! Building your business will be fun and easy.


  • You’ll get an inside look at my high-converting strategy I use to turn followers into paying clients! You’ll learn to be strategic with every post so your business can thrive.


  • Finally, you will walk away with a CUSTOM 6 month plan towards accomplishing your dream goals. No fluff here, just real actionable steps! I also provide more printed out worksheets that I designed specially for you to fill out and see your vision.

What happy clients are saying:

“Wow, I chose to have a vision because I saw other people raving about it. What I expected from the session and what I received BLEW me away! I was floored with the detailed information, and the organized format that Liz used to teach me more about optimizing my Instagram to reach my customers. She really thinks about social media marketing from the customer’s perspective. She has gained my trust, and my business’s loyalty. I’m very thankful she taught me so much. If you have been on the fence with a Vision Session. Just do it!

- Denali

Vision Session, December 2019

For $110, you’re investing in…

  • 1 – 1.5 hr meeting + coffee!
  • My successful and proven ways to grow your biz on social media.
  • Secret tips & tricks that I NEVER share publicly.
  • Worksheets to discover your branding identity.
  • A nothing’s off limits social media and Q&A.
  • Complete branding education (branding types, colors, logos, + more!).
  • Step by step method to convert followers into paying clients.
  • Website and social media critique.
  • Custom 6 month step-by-step plan towards achieving your goals with actionable steps.
  • Motivation for your new VISION! Get excited, you’re about to create some magic!


Vision Sessions are now available digitally!

Vision Sessions always take place in a Dover DE coffee shop. Digital Vision Sessions are ONLY for those who live outside of Delaware.

Vision Sessions can now be held on Skype! I can’t wait to teach more of you with this new addition!

Of course, I believe sitting down in person is the best way to accomplish our meeting, but I know not everyone can travel to me. The online Vision Session offers everything that the in-person does, minus the free coffee!

Only 5 spots available each month for digital – VERY LIMITED! This is only reserved to those who live OUTSIDE of Delaware. *EXCEPT DURING COVID-19!



Vision Session Reviews!

Here are some reviews left from my amazing Vision Session clients and who are satisfied with my service. Keep a look out to see if you are featured!

Our Vision Session for my business helped me so much! I am finally holding myself ACCOUNTABLE! Liz helped me bring so much of my vision to life just by writing things down and knowing what content I want to bring to my followers. I won’t ever forget our Vision Sesh, I literally learned SOOOO much about how IG works, turning followers into customers all while maintaining a personal relationship with my followers and exactly what I need to do to make my business truly thrive!
Can’t wait to see how things have changed in 6 months with my business! You’re literally a social media queen Liz!!! Thank you!!

- Vee

Vision Session, June 2020

The Vision Session that I had with Liz was amazing! I learned so much about social media marketing and I feel like I was let in on a secret! I’m not one to ask for help but I will tell you to put your pride aside and book a session, you won’t regret it. She is so nice, helpful, and full of information. I can’t wait to see how much my business grows after using what she taught me! Thanks again!

- Laura

Vision Session, May 2019

Liz is absolutely such a gem! She taught me things about social media/marketing that I had no idea! I’m slowing starting to change up my social media accounts with her help and tips! If you own your own business, book a Vision Session with her! You’ll be amazed with the fresh ideas and all the knowledge she has! Thanks again!

- Rachel

Vision Session, December 2019

Liz is wonderful! She’s so professional, kind, and easy to work with! I had a Vision Session, and we went over a lot of questions I had and she is super organized (which spoke to my chart-loving heart). Thankful I booked!

- Sylvana

Vision Session, November 2019

Very informative! Very Friendly! And so much fun! Liz definitely opened my eyes to a whole new level of online business. She gave me awesome feedback on my IG and even critiqued my page. She never made me feel rushed either. I added some product / branding shots to my session as well and I am over the top pleased with everything! Thank you Liz!!

- Jamie

Vision Session, March 2019

Such a bright soul! Her Vision Sessions break down everything you need to know in how to grow your business on social media! She also keeps up to date with the ever changing algorithm of social media and can show you new things through multiple different vision sessions! She’s awesome, fun, and kind!”

- Sydney

Vision Session, March 2020

I had my Vision Session today with Liz and I left feeling so informed, inspired and like I finally had some direction! Liz took her time with me, answering all of my questions and explained everything in a way that I understood!  It’s nice to know Liz is close by with all of that knowledge!! I look forward to utilizing Liz’s services again in the near future!”

- Candi

Vision Session, March 2019

Liz is such an amazing and beautiful soul! I booked her for a Vision Session, and that’s the perfect way to describe it! We sat down and talked about the future of my business, social media, the works. I feel so much more confident moving forward, and she definitely blew my mind! Even for someone like me who has had their own business for a couple years, it was extremely helpful to sit down and write out what I already knew to organize it, as well as fill in the holes where I have slacked and where I can improve! I learned a lot all the while laughing and having the greatest time.

- Rachel

Vision Session, March 2019

I just had a Vision Session with Liz this afternoon and let me tell you, I am fired up! I walked away with tons of actionable information and insights that I can’t wait to implement in my business. If you’re a current (or aspiring) entrepreneur, book a Vision Session! Promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve also used Liz for pictures in the past and 10/10 recommend.

- Adam

Vision Session, March 2019

Liz is a gold mine of information and a great photographer. I left my Vision Session with some solid ideas and a path forward!

- Tamara

Vision Session, May 2019

“I’ve worked with Liz on several occasions now and they’ve all been so amazing and left me feeling nothing but positive! From logo design and portrait session to Vision Session, I’ve loved working with Liz. She genuinely cares and wants to give her all to each client!

- Ashley

Vision Session, March 2020

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