2nd Annual V-Day Boudoir experience

JANUARY 22ND - 24TH, 2021

Finally ready to treat yourself?

Our 2nd annual Treat Yourself V-Day Experience is SO much more than expensive lace and perfect posing.

It’s about loving yourself, enjoying your sensuality, and your eagerness to let go.

We are a team of women whose purpose is to empower and celebrate others. Liz from Liz Martinez Creations and Tina from Third Eye Artistry  designed an INCLUSIVE boudoir experience that knocks down all the stereotypes and focuses on two things: having the most fun and being 110% comfortable!

Boudoir for ANYONE.


You have come to the right place if you want a boudoir experience regardless of age, shape, size, sexual orientation, relationship status, and so on…

Each session is a very personal and unique journey.



• You’re looking for an experience beyond just beautiful hair/makeup and pretty photos. You want to be proud of the skin you’re in and dive deep into self love.

• We believe in working with REAL people. People who believe in authenticity and being human.

• You want to walk in feeling nervous and excited, and leave over the moon thrilled and beyond happy you invested.

• We have a reputation for making others laugh, let loose, and feel amazing and safe.

• This Valentines Day season, we want women to feel empowered, sexy, confident, radiant, anything they want! Self care and treating yourself will no longer be seen as selfish or unattainable!



✓ Individual and custom designed experience

Group chat consultation with Liz and Tina

✓  Private and scandi-chic Airbnb in Lewes, DE

✓ Professional photo session with Liz

✓ Professional hair and makeup by Tina




✓ Multiple outfit changes

✓ Complimentary mimosas (21+)

✓ Complimentary refreshments

✓ High res images delievered in an online gallery

✓ Various payment plans




Almost sold?

Wait until you hear about Our Packages.

Deluxe Boudoir Package


  • Time slot in our private and scandi-chic Airbnb
  • Consultation with Tina and Liz
  • 1.5 hour hair and makeup with Tina

  • 45 minute photoshoot with Liz
  • Includes unlimited outfit changes
  • Complimentary mimosas for 21+ clients
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • 30 high res images delievered by online gallery



Starting at $70

  • 6×6 Hard cover little black book, fits 24 portraits, printed on lustre photo paper with a semi
    textured surface for reduced glare and fine detailing, designed by Liz and approved by you for $70
  • 8×8 Hard cover little black book, fits 24 portraits, printed on lustre photo paper with a semi
    textured surface for reduced glare and fine detailing, designed by Liz and approved by you for $82


Frequently Asked

We're here to answer any and all of your questions!

We’re so excited that you’re interested in this boudoir marathon! If your question wasn’t answered below, we’ll be happy to answer them by email. Thank you!

Will my photos be made public?

You can put your trust 110% into us! The only photos I will ever post on social media or my website will be ones that you consent to me posting. You have the option to pick all of the photos, none of the photos, or only certain photos. I value your privacy!

What should I do to prep for the day?

Arrive 5-10 minutes early for your session! We run on a very tight and strict schedule for this marathon, so give yourself plenty of time for traffic.

We also highly recommend wearing loose fitting clothing! Tight clothing, bras, and underwear can leave behind marks on your skin after having them on for awhile. Our clients usually arrive in pajamas or sweatpants.

We’ll have light refreshments and mimosas for you to enjoy, but be sure to have a proper meal a few hours before you arrive.

Do you edit acne, cellulite, etc?

Do light touch ups on all my photos. This includes light skin smoothing, retouching on small acne, etc. I can retouch other small things if asked as well. I want to preserve what you actually look like. I do not do heavy photoshopping to the point you’re unrecognizable.

What's the turnaround time?

I know you’re going to be SO EXCITED after your session, and I don’t blame you – it’s going to be amazinggggg!

You’ll recieve your photos in 4-5 days and then you have the option of ordering a la carte!

What are your payment plans?

a 20% non-refundable deposit ($87) is due at the time of booking to secure your spot! The rest of the investment is due anytime between booking and the day before the shoot. We accept PayPal, Venmo, and Cashapp.

You can choose to pay all at once or one of these options:

  • 4 week plan (Pay deposit at booking, then $87 on December 31st, then $87 on January 7th, then $87 on January 14th, then $87 on January 21st)
  • 3 week plan (Pay deposit at booking, pay, then $116 on January 7th, then $116 on January 14th, then $116 on January 21st)
  • 2 week plan (Pay deposit at booking, then $174 on January 14th, then $174 on January 21st.)



Friday January 22nd

– 2:30 pm



Saturday January 23rd

– 7:25 am

– 9:00 am

– 10:35 am

– 12:10 pm

– 1:40 pm

– 2:55 pm



Sunday January 24th

– 7:10 am



If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.










Meet the TEAM

Say hi to the creative visionaries behind the inclusive, comfortable, and most importantly, fun Treat Yourself V-Day Experience!

LIZ - Photographer

Hey there! I’m Liz, the owner of Liz Martinez Creations! I’m a photographer and social media coach, but my passion for both is rooted in encouraging others and being positive! My editing style is bright, airy, and lighthearted – the same way I like to interact with my clients. If you’re looking to laugh, have fun, and basically being BFFs with your photographer, then I’m all yours! I look forward to working together, highlighting your beautiful appearance, and leaving you with portraits that you LOVE!

TINA - Hair and Makeup Artist

My name is Tina and I am the woman behind Third Eye Artistry. I am a peace loving hippie with a rocker edge. I’m a bit of a health nut but there’s always room for cake, balance. I’ve been told i’m a professional hype girl! WOO. I am so passionate about each and every service I offer. I am not afraid to change the world in whatever way possible. If you consider yourself weird, embrace your uniqueness and can sing all the word to Bohemian Rhapsody, I already know were going to be best friends!

Accept who you are and revel in it.



Get ready and in the mood for your Treat Yourself V-Day Boudoir Experience with our playlist! All the songs you need to feel sensual, playful, and confident. We’ll have this playing during your session. Listen here!