About Me

Hi there, I’m Liz!

Photographer + social media coach + dreamer

About Liz


I’m a Delaware based social media/branding coach and portrait photographer. Helping you tell your story is my calling, and I would love to capture what you have to say in a meaningful way. Whether it be light and airy portraits that you adore, or social media managing that grows your business, I can’t wait to create remarkable moments with you! Let’s talk about it together.

I’m 23 years old, and just graduated college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and minor in English! I’m a lover of all things killer whales and comfort food. Probably one of the biggest Disney fans you know (not sorry about it). At this point, I can probably recite both Mamma Mia movies and the Titanic with no problem. You can usually find me editing, watching Netflix, or cuddling with my pets. I’m also a big mental health advocate and supporter of women! It’s best to see the bright side to things, and I hope to achieve that in everything I do.


Creativity Made Easy!

I’m very detail orientated and motivated.

I take pride in being proficient with industry standard Adobe Programs and social media managing.

My specialities include: photo editing, branding, social media managing, marketing, illustration, color theory, copywriting, SEO, web and graphic design.

Words to describe my portraits and designs: light, modern, airy, radiant, and bold. Do we sound like a good fit? Contact me!


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There’s plenty of ways to keep up with me and what I’m up to. For all things photography, design, and of course lifestyle, follow me on my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Let’s connect!


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